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With Hyperpanels answer any question about your data in realtime.

Easy to make Dashboards, Alerts, Reports and API Endpoints.

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Enabling real time analytics for everyone

Page views, users created, server metrics, sensors measures...record every tiny data change and visualize them in easy to make panels like this one

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Data obtained using Hyperpanels endpoints







1. Connect your data sources

Web Analytics

Google Analytics alternative

Light script & easy installation


Stream every change at row level

Don't lose any create, update or delete event

Custom API

Custom data model, stream anything

Send data through an http request

Kafka, MQ, SQS or Kinesis connectors will come, write us if you have any connector request

2. Get Answers

Once your data is connected to Hyperpanels, extract all the insights you need to improve your business operations.

Infinite dashboards

Create as many panels and blocks as you need

Share charts and dashboards

Private links to share your analytics. Live demo

Export to PDF

Save a pdf panel ready to send or publish


Define rules to send customized alerts to your users with relevant insights

Advanced SQL

Skip our Query Builder and just write your own SQL code

Custom Endpoints

Create your own endpoints in Hyperpanels so you can show your data anywhere.

Scheduled Reports, Dashboard Variables and other useful features coming soon!


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